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Tom Willan


Julia Willan

“Julia and I started Ironman buildings in 2010. We started out selling large agricultural buildings throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. Due to the economic downturn in agricultural business and then Covid-19, we decided to diversify our skills by marketing and making mini storage buildings for all our clients needs. We launched mini buildings in 2016 but never really marketed them until now! My experience is second to none in the Agricultural construction industry, and whatever your Agricultural or residential mini building needs are, we can supply it! I bring to you, the potential customer a personal guarantee to always do what I say, work hard for you and be honest with you. I challenge my experience and passion in the business against anyone. Given the grateful opportunity, I will provide a final product that beats expectations. IronMan Buildings are price competitively and built to last.”


We are committed to utilizing our broad experience and diverse team of skilled employees to create a building that realizes the dreams of our customers. IronmanBuildings has been able to refine the art of crafting beautiful, durable, cost effective structures that meet the needs of our clients. Ready to have a preliminary call to talk about your needs? Contact us today.